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Research & Publications


Moore, B. N., Hoard, P., & Blackburn, A. (2024). Humility and the task of integration. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 43(1), 78-84. *peer-reviewed

Moore, B. N. (March, 2023). Considerations for mask wearing in play therapy. Play Therapy, in press. *peer-reviewed


Moore, B. N. (2023). Artificial intelligence and classical education. (in press).


Moore, B. N. (November, 2022). Dyslexia through a family systems lens. Dystinct Magazine.


Moore, B. N. (2022). The function of metaphorical walls: Therapeutic reflections. Journal of the American Academy of Psychotherapists, 58(2), 79-83.  *peer-reviewed


Moore, B. N. & Chow, R. (2022). The power of neuroception in the playroom. Play Therapy, 17(3), 20-23. *peer-reviewed


Moore, B. N. (2022). COVID & me. The Advocate Magazine, 45(2), 2. 


Moore, B. N. (2022). Master’s degree in counseling: Expert advice. Retrieve at


Moore, B. N. (2022, fall). Ask the expert. ADDitude Magazine: Strategies and Support for ADHD & LD.


Moore, B. N. (2022). The dark web: cybersex in the 21st century. In T. Bowman (Ed.) Reclaiming sexual wholeness. New York: Zondervan/Harper Collins. 


Moore, B. N., & Frye, T. (2016). A better story. Holiness Today.


Moore, F. M., & Moore, B. N. (2013).  Jesus is Lord: The cry of a kingdom citizen. Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press.


Moore, B. N. (2010). Analyses of coping resources and recent resource changes as a means to investigate burnout among Nazarene clergy. Dissertation Abstracts International 72(01). (UMI No. 3428290)

Research Interests

Interpersonal neurobiology, ADHD (attention & focus), dyslexia, assessment, play therapy, polyvagal theory

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